Paint & Quest

AR painting and learning cards

Design and paint their unique characters / things - is Santa Claus always dress in red?

See the design come to live with Augmented Reality and play with it - say hello to Santa Claus

Explore and learning something new. How does Santa commute? Reindeer - Learn some vocabularies

How it works

Standard Pack

8 cards included

Halloween Special - Buy now get...

+2 Bonus Cards

All cards are uniquely designed

Best educational toy of the year


Art x Technology

Beloved by kids, parents and educators

Liked by kids and parents

Natalie, age 8

I don't like Santa Claus wearing red dress. I think he should be colourful. It's Christmas

Daniel, Dad

The cards saved my days. My daughter play with them all days. I can finally watch some soccer :D

Karman, Teacher

I hold a STEAM class for a group of 7-8 years old with the Paint & Quest AR cards, and they love it!

Best Gift for kids

  • Single price - $20

  • 8 unique painting cards

  • Halloween Special - 2 bonus cards (Don't miss out!)

  • Free app (Android + iOS) for AR effects

  • Free International Shipping (ship within 24 hours)